Licenses, Thanks and Attribution

ztd.text is dual-licensed under either the Apache 2 License, or a corporate license if you bought it with special support. See the LICENSE file or your copy of the corporate license agreement for more details!

Third-party Dependencies and Code

All third-party code is listed in the NOTICE file. It is also reproduced here. In particular:

  • Martin Moene; span-lite (Boost 1.0 License) - Code included directly and made available if a C++20 <span> is not present.

We thank Martin Moene for their hard work.

Helping Hands

Whether it’s just a little bit of time, a point towards the right direction, or some ideas, this library builds upon a lot of collective knowledge and effort. Here we list some of the filks who have spent some time doing this best to make sure we have the greatest text library on the planet for C++:

Charitable Contributions

ztd.text has been made possible by charitable contributions from patrons and sponsors around the world:

  • Shepherd’s Oasis, LLC (

  • Jane Lusby

  • Orfeas Zafeiris

  • Tom Honermann

  • Lily Foster

  • Camilla Löwy

  • Leonardo Lima

  • Piotr Piatkowski

  • Cynthia Coan

  • Johan Andersson

  • Erekose Craft

  • Christopher Crouzet

  • Michael Schellenberger Costa

  • Turig Eret

  • Brent Beer

  • Matt Godbolt

  • Erica Brescia

  • Carol Chen

  • Jeremy Jung

  • Max Stoiber

  • Evan Lock

  • Anil Kumar

  • Vincent Weevers

  • Ólafur Waage

  • Jeff Trull

  • Davide Faconti

  • Anthony Nandaa

  • Christ Drozdowski

  • Douglas Creager

  • superfunc

  • Michael Caisse

  • Joshua Fisher

  • Billy O’Neal

  • Sy Brand

  • Eric Tremblay

  • Michał Dominiak

  • Zach Toogood

  • beluga

  • Alex Gilding

  • Kirk Shoop

  • Alex Hadd

  • Jimmy “junoravin”

  • Joel Falcou

  • Pascal Menuet

  • Elias Daler

  • Randomnetcat

  • Robert Maynard

  • Martin Hořeňovský

  • Hana Dusíková

  • 7 more private sponsors

  • And many, many more!

(If you are new to being a patron, sponsor, or donator and you don’t see your name here, I may have bungled the export list, so please e-mail!)