Below is a all of the benchmarks currently conducted and built-in to the code of this repository for the purposes of testing and improving the implementation. For further detail, read the article here.

The specification for these benchmarks is as follows:

  • The latest of each library was used as of 23 December, 2022.

  • Windows 10 Pro machine, general user processes running in the background (but machine not being used).

  • AMD Ryzen 5 3600 6-Core @ 3600 MHz (12 Logical Processors), 32.0 GB Physical Memory

  • Clang 15.0.3, latest available Clang at the time of generation with MSVC ABI.

  • Entire software stack for every dependency build under default CMake flags (including ICU and libiconv from vcpkg).

  • Anywhere from 150 to 10million samples per iteration, with mean (average) of 100 iterations forming transparent dots on graph.

  • Each bar graph is mean of the 100 iterations, with provided standard deviation-based error bars.

  • In general, unless explicitly noted, the fastest possible API under the constraints was used to produce the data.
    • “Unbounded” means that, where shown, the available space left for writing was not considered.

    • “Unchecked” means that, where shown, the input was not validated before being converted.

    • “Well-Formed”, in the title, means that the input was well-formed.

    • (We do not do error benchmarks (yet).)

The categories of benchmarks are as follows: