template<typename _Type>
class is_ignorable_error_handler : public __is_ignorable_error_handler_sfinae<::ztd::remove_cvref_t<_Type>>

Whether or not the given _Type is an error handler that can be ignored.


An error handler type can mark itself as ignorable by using a using assume_valid = std::integral_constant<bool, value> where value determines if the type’s error handling callback can be ignored. This is what ztd::text::assume_valid does. Being configurable means templated error handlers can select whether or not they should be ignorable based on compile time, safe conditions that you can make up (including checking Macros or other environment data as a means of determining whether or not validity should be ignored.) If this results in a type derived from std::true_type and the encoder object using it encounters an error, then it is Undefined Behavior what occurs afterwards.

Template Parameters

_Type – the Error Handling type to chec.

template<typename _Type>
constexpr bool ztd::text::is_ignorable_error_handler_v = is_ignorable_error_handler<::ztd::remove_cvref_t<_Type>>::value

An alias of the inner value for ztd::text::is_ignorable_error_handler.